We got a message the other day from a listener named Stacy Kieper, who wanted to share the story of a soldier who has been walking the streets of Troy carrying a "Fallen soldier" in his arms. The soldier he is carrying is a skeleton do I imagine one might think it has something to do with Halloween but nothing could be further from the truth.

The soldier who has been doing the walking is named John Newcomb and Stacy's original post explains what he is doing and why.

I have to say it is both emotional and inspiring to think of what this man is doing. It seems all too often while we all talk about how grateful we are to the men and women who fight to defend our great nation, these soldiers who come home haunted by combat are taking their lives so often without notice.

I applaud your effort John and I hope in writing this story I in some small way help you raise awareness and one day we see an end to these tragic stories.