I was saddened to see the story tonight that on Friday a 34 year old man jumped to his death from the parking garage at the Albany Medical Center after being released from the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center. Other than the fact that he was recently discharged from the hospital there was not any other information given.

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According to the report I read from News 10 ABC, the hospital declined to comment. I have to say I wish they had some insights that they were able to share with the public because now the conjecture and blame throwers are out in full force. We all want to find a reason, someone or something to blame.

It saddens me when I see the myriad of comments on the stories many of which blaming poor care at the V.A. Hospital, others blaming society and still more the holidays for bringing a man to make such a tragic end. The truth is it could have been any of those things, none of those things or a combination of many.

I think one thing for sure is that perhaps it may insight enough emotion from the general public to begin to demand more and better care for all of our veterans. The truth is many V.A. Hospitals are simply understaffed and overwhelmed with the demands that are placed upon them, and many of our veterans need help that goes much further than the current bureaucracies can offer. All of out veterans deserve better, they deserve the best.

I know I have no answers and I wont guess as to what brought that man or any others to a place where ending life is a better option than fighting for it, I can only pray for him and all that knew and loved him and ask that if you know anyone that needs help or even a friend to care at this time of year, you can find it in your means and your heart to reach out.  I pray that I too can have the insight to know when a loved one, friend or acquaintance has a soul that needs a reason to fight through whatever pains haunt them, sadly however as much as we need or want someone or something to blame there just isn't.


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