Road Block
I just had to laugh recently while driving with my mother in the Schuylerville area.  I think - in fact I KNOW we were right on Route 32 when out of nowhere came!
Schuylerville Stop on Small Town Tour Photos
Our fourth and final stop on the Small Town Tour brought us to Schuylerville, NY where the find folks hosted us at Mac's Diner on Broad Street. We had a great time and thanks to everyone who came out to see us. Check out the gallery for some photos of our visit.
Small Town Tour at Mac’s Diner in Schuylerville, NY
The final stop on our Small Town Tour with the Sean & Richie Show is in Schuylerville, NY at Mac's Diner. Settled by the Dutch and populated by the Schuyler family, this village has been around for many, many generations. The village is also a very historic place with a revolutionary wa…

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