Your Town Thursday  has been happening on Friday's lately as part of our Small Town Tour. For our final stop on this leg of the tour we give Schuylerville the theme song treatment.

Schuylerville Theme Song (right click and save)

Schuylerville Theme Song

(c) 2012 Richie Phillips. All Rights Reserved


Schuylerville's a village with a deep history

how it got it’s name that’s no mystery

it was named for Philip Schuyler they liked him very much

he’s not Irish or Italian he’s dddddutch


a community developed it tried to stay alive

partly flattened in 1745

the British once retreated here if you do remember

they raised up the white flag and said I surrender


It was the pitts for the Britts cuz for them it was ova

this was known as the Battle of Saratoga

1831 the peeps were elated

cuz that’s when the village was incorporated


Scuylerville Schuylerville we love this town yea we always will


There’s a house over there that’s not exactly new

just take a little drive down on Highway 32

who used to live there?--history will tell

officers wives and wounded personell

oh yes folks it was a real important home

and now this home is privately owned


it’s a really great place so hey alert the media

if you want more foks go to wikipedia