Queensbury Police apprehended a man after a chase Friday night, the same man who may have been involved in a chase earlier in the day.

I know, this seems impossible right? It is never wise to get into any chase with anyone on the road, especially the Police. So you would figure after getting away with one Police chase one would lay low for a bit, and spend some time appreciating how lucky they are to not have been arrested, right? Well, if criminals made common sense decisions they probably would not be criminals.

According to the Times Union, Joshua Grenier, of Schuylerville was arrested Friday night in Queensbury after a chase that ended in a crash. Police suspect he was the same person involved in a chase with State Police earlier in the day. The crash after the second chase thankfully only caused minor injuries to the driver of a minivan Grenier hit. Grenier himself ended up in the hospital.

You can see the full Times Union story here.

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