At each stop of the Small Town Tour we're recognizing a citizen who has gone the extra mile for the community and for our final stop on the spring leg of the Small Town Tour we recognize Maggie Chiperno. 

One of the folks who nominated Maggie had this to say:

Maggie graduated from the Schuylerville School District – which she is presently involved in volunteering and planning the 52nd Schuylerville High School Reunion. Maggie is a former General Schuyler Ambulance Service EMT, volunteered on the Town of Saratoga National Emergency Management System, has been a member of the Schuylerville Lyons Club for 12 years, is on the Board of Directors for the Second Hand Rose Consignment store and the Schuylerville Area Food Emergency Relief (SAFER) as well as volunteering in the SAFER Food Pantry.

Congrats Maggie and thanks for all that you do for your community.