Are you the loudest and most obnoxious fan at your kids' games? Do you yell and scream to cheer on your kid? We want to hear from you as we embark on "Chooch Week" with Brian and Chrissy. I have always been loud and obnoxious at all of Ryan's games no matter the sport. I have also cheered alongside many parents who are just as boisterous as I am. I have come to be known as "The Big League Chooch". Now we want to hear your choochness.

I usually mic myself up at all of Ryan's sporting events and I decided this past weekend to mic up some of the other parents instead. I wanted to prove to Brian that all of the baseball parents and grandparents get loud at these games. There were plenty of other chooches that are highlighted in this segment. Take a listen.

Now we want to hear your over the top, outrageous cheering that you have done at your kid's games. We will highlight them for "Chooch Week" and throughout the week of August 10th through the 14th you are the stars. Send us your audio or video of you being just as loud and obnoxious as the "Big League Chooch". There will be no judging here. We love to hear how passionate of a parent you are!

To send us your audio or video of your choochness, make sure you have the free WGNA app downloaded on your phone and then just click to send it right through the app.

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