Two Teens Arrested In Mechanicville Homicide
Being from Mechanicville and still having family there, it was disturbing news when nineteen year old David Feliciano was shot and killed on Monday night in his driveway. The police and investigators were not giving out any information until this morning.
DWI-ce Cream Truck
Remember the ice cream truck "Turf Wars" that got Gloversville national attention? If you don't the driver of the "Mr. Ding-A-Ling" ice cream truck filed a complaint against competitor, "Sno-Cone-Joe", saying that they were harassing him. I …
Gloversville Crackdown
After a five day investigation, the Gloversville Police Department, along with the assistance of couple of neighboring communities, Fonda and Mayfield, almost 80 people were found that had a warrant pending.

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