DUI's are no laughing matter. While it seems like everyday you see stories of them, surely we have to be close to the top of the list right?

Actually you would be wrong. The worst state when it comes to drinking and driving would be Wyoming. The thing I find odd is that number two, three and four surround Wyoming. Could it be that the four states of Montana, North and South Dakota and Wyoming are so desolate and people go to bars more often? Some of the higher populated states within the country actually fall toward the bottom of the list. With the exception of Texas at number 12.

New York actually takes home the prize of the lowest amount of problems with DUI's. We came in at number 50. This came as a shocker to me. It just seems like we see a lot of stories about drinking then driving. I could only imagine how bad the stories are in other states.

A full state by state listing is at the link below courtesy of Backgroundchecks.org.


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