I love the tin man as much as the next gal. Miranda Lambert's song, "Tin Man" is superb. Neither of these things mean that you're going to find me out and about on a random night in June driving around dressed as him.

Halloween? Maybe. June? Nah.

That being said, whatever the case may have been for this dude - he was dressed like the tin man and he was intoxicated.

The situation took place in Sullivan, New York which is about 2 hours outside of Albany. A 911 call came in to the New York State police about a man on private property. Sure, seems like an average, "normal" call. I'm sure that when police pulled up on site they weren't expecting to see what they saw. Nicholas Sherman, 31, stated he had been hired for a party to play the "tin man." Yeah, that's what they all say.

New York State Police
New York State Police

Nonetheless, he had been asked to leave the private property and didn't so he was arrested. Given he had drove to the address, he was arrested for almost twice the legal limit of intoxication.

Seems like maybe he was more of the Scarecrow missing his brain, no?

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