How many times have we seen this in the movies and TV show? From Die Hard to Mission Impossible and even the latest season of Stranger Things (possible spoilers here). In the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix one of the characters has to climb through the duct work in the mall to defeat the Russian bad guys. The only hitch was finding someone small enough to fit. It always seems so easy as long as you’re not claustrophobic. Personally I could never, ever do it! It would freak me out way too much and my fat butt would get stuck.

That’s allegedly exactly what Angel Torre did to try and steal a safe from the Domino’s Pizza store on Broadway in Schenectady. He works at the store and climbed into a ventilation shaft for the pizza oven and tried to open the store’s safe to get at the cash. Of course, unlike the movies he was caught on camera. He tried to cover his face with his shirt, but it fell off his face several times.

Angel Torres is now in Schenectady County Jail charged with burglary.

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