Bowling night got a little crazy at a Fort Edward alley this past Friday night.

Maybe I am undershooting this one saying things got a 'little' crazy. According to a WNYT report, a Hudson Falls man was arrested on a couple charges, including assault on Friday night. Where it gets a little crazy is the assault involved punching a man and bit his nipple!

It all went down at the bowling alley in Fort Edward when Timothy Souden of Hudson Falls was cut off by the bartender. WNYT says Souden then '...slapped a beer out of the bartender's hand..' and then got in the fight with another patron who got involved to try and help cooler heads prevail.

If you like to bowl, usually a turkey is a great thing when you get 3 strikes in a row. This on the other hand, just sounds like a turkey of a night at the bowling alley. Nothing good ever happens when too much booze is involved, even at a bowling alley!


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