They say kids will be kids but it's unfortunate when a kid's being a kid and it affects another kid in the process, I kid you not.

Tuesday morning I reported that a car had been stolen in Albany with a 2-year old still in the backseat. Everyone was able to take a sigh of relief because the car was found and the kid was still in the backseat, unscathed, thankfully. It was a positive ending to a horrible, what could have been not so happy ending type of story.

As predicted, the public went and had their comments for the mother because, "who leaves a toddler in an unattended car!" But there is just so much to this story that's wrong, really.

Yes, she shouldn't have left the child unattended in the vehicle, that's one. Another, the person that stole the car itself, a 15-year old boy. I'll let the comments on the parenting of his parents fly freely!

The name hasn't been released due to his age, however we do know that he was arrested for grand larceny and endangering the welfare of a child. The other unfortunate truth to go along with this is that the mother could also face charges.

Now listen, I get it everyone was so up in arms over this the other day with their comments but I'm remembering a time when I was just a wee lil' girl here in the Capital Region and my Dad stopped, got me a milkshake and left me in the locked car while he ran into the store to grab a pack of cigarettes. He wasn't a bad Dad, it was a common occurrence.  Granted, it was 1987 and it was "a different world." Or was it?

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