In the times that we live in with social distancing because of the coronavirus outbreak, Taco-Bell is going to be changing. They have decided to go drive-thru only if necessary. According to, Taco Bell is getting ready to operate their restaurants as drive-thru and delivery only. If it becomes necessary because of the coronavirus outbreak, Taco Bell says it has been preparing for the changes.

Taco Bell states that they have well trained and prepared their seventy-two hundred managers across the country if these changes are to happen. They are ready to close their dining rooms and operate as delivery and drive-thru only.

They are also increasing cleaning procedures and ensuring safe food preparations. If a Taco Bell employee does become sick and is required to stay home, they say they will be paid. Also, those who work in restaurants that are closed, they will be paid.

According to a statement by Mark King, the CEO of Taco Bell,

As regions of the U.S. begin to mandate public closures and self-quarantine, we are equipping our restaurants to serve our guests via drive-thru and delivery only where necessary. Should we need to temporarily close our dining rooms, we would be limiting millions of guest interactions and further enabling social distancing. We are going to redefine what it means to be a social brand during this coronavirus pandemic, while at the same time keeping our team members safe, and continuing to provide our fans with the delicious Taco Bell food they love.

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