As many of us settled in to watch a local hopeful on American Idol, we were surprised to see last year's local contestant on The Voice, Moriah Formica, show up in the group rounds.  We are all rooting for local contestant, Madison Vandenburg, on American Idol. As I watched her first Hollywood round and she moved on, I couldn't wait to see her in the group rounds. When the show returned from commercial, the first group was to perform. Ryan Seacrest came on and said, "the first group consists of Moriah, (and then he named three more contestants). I looked and said, "What the heck?! that's Moriah Formica!"

Sure enough it was. You may remember that Moriah was the contestant from Latham who made it far on The Voice last season. I was so confused because I was waiting to see Madison. Here is the video of the group audition. Spoiler alert...Moriah moves on.

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