Huh?  Do you mean you can now purchase little microchips online?  Why would you want them?  No - that's not it.  Read on

You've seen that humongous building on Fuller Road in Albany.  It's the Nano Technology Campus (I guess that's what it's called…).  Actually I looked it up.  It's the Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

Well, I'm sure you would love to have some memorabilia with that logo imprinted on it That's why, according to the, you can now go online and get a tee shirt, sweatshirt, pants, caps and school supplies.  You can also order textbooks (which I'm not sure I understand that , but that's what it says).

SUNY Polytechnic College
Google Earth

You get the SUNY Poly CNSE log on it, abbreviated for obvious reasons.  Actually it could be pretty cool.  When you think about it, this area is quickly becoming the new Silicon Valley, so we should all be proud and display their logo as expressively as possible.

It's jobs for this area, people.  We should be supportive of that!  (No, I don't want a cut of the profits - I just thought I'd spread the word) Here's the website, if you'd like to shop.  Makes a great Christmas gift.


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