I did this one LIVE on the air, in real time (literally).  The information was coming in "the day of" and I had no choice. Thank God for long songs this morning so I had time to write!  Here is what I came up with, for better or worse! 

Stillwater is not exactly a huge metropolis - and that's a GOOD thing!  These are the kinds of local areas that I really like to write about.   They have character, and lots of characters usually reside there too!

I would like to thank everyone who wrote me on Facebook.  There wasn't a great quantity of responses, but the quality was there!  Special thanks to Janice Persons for emailing her blog that she did awhile back about Stillwater.  It really helped me in a pinch.

I used Brad Paisley's "Water" as the parody for this one.  My lyrics are below the slideshow.

Gonna tell you bout a little town
They got the  best bus drivers around
and we can't ignore
no grocery store
 in Stillwater
and we go down at the Stewarts shop
that's where all the locals stop
at 6am they have a coffee club
in Stillwater
And the Mayor drives the local senior van
that is really cool
If you ask us why? That because he can
and I can tell you from experience they've got a great school
Not much going on late at nite
only have one traffic light
have a nice sod farm
I'd give my right arm
to live in Stillwater
it's a little town with lots of clout
it's the home of 9 eagle scouts
glad I had the chance to tell you all about Stillwater

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