Something has me furious!!! How many times will TV shows rope me in then never finish the story??? Through the years I have watched countless shows week in and week out only to be disappointed when some television exec decides to pull the plug without giving the fan closure. "Jericho", "Sopranos", "Heroes", "Rome" and now "Stargate Universe"!!! Now to be clear if you make a show and I watched the least you can do is FINISH IT!!! I know sometimes shows don’t perform up to expectations and sometimes things happen to the stars BUT I want a law passed that FORCES TV Shows to produce a finally after a cancellation! Under penalty of imprisonment!!! So when they fall short on Stargate Universe like I know they will. Because let’s face it the objective of the show was to find God so forgive me if I have trouble believing they will beat this seasons enemy and find the creator in a 1 hour episode. How about this I start a company that hires out of work actors and screenwriters we get the government to force the owners to give us rights to one 2 hour finale and we finish all these defunct shows. This week we finish "Journeyman". And we take a online pole to see if the fans want a happy or unhappy ending. Here's the promo for the series finale of Stargate Universe. You tell me if it looks like they will wrap it all up.

I NEED CLOSURE! You can hear The Couch here.

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