It is finally upon us, tomorrow night the Star Wars mania will officially begin. With the movie only 2 months away Star Wars - The Force Awakens will begin it's world take over officially tomorrow night during Monday Night Football on ESPN.

Even if my beloved Philadelphia Eagles were not taking on the New York Giants Tomorrow night during Monday Night Football I would be sure to be watching closely because it is during the game that the latest and last trailer for the movie will be released and you know it will be enough to send Star Wars freaks like me into a frenzy. Even better is the news that pre-sale tickets for the movie will also be available.

After reading whatever I could to find out specific details all I could really gather is that the pre-sale tickets will be on sale tomorrow and it will begin immediately AFTER the trailer plays during tomorrow night's game. If this is indeed a fact get ready for a very slow internet as everyone runs to their computers to make sure they get into those theaters as early as they possibly can. I don't know what the record for pre-sale tickets are for a movie but I am willing to bet it gets broken very soon and by a very large margin.

Good Luck!

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