i had a fantastic time (as usual) at St Thomas The Apostle School in the Delmar area.  I was interested to see what their "wish list" was for the jolly old bearded man.  They not only told me, but they ended up creating a song parody in no time flat.  Here is their creation! 

First and foremost, a big thank you to Darcy Micelli who is a parent of one of the kids in the class and a big 'GNA listener.  She is the one who introduced the principal and the teacher, Mrs Ridzi,  to my program  and I appreciate all her help.

photo by Darcy Micelli
photo by Darcy Micelli

With that in mind, here are the kids. They will each state their name and then tell us what they want under the tree this year.  (Some of the things won't fit in the house, no less under the tree!)



My name is Sarah, and I want a new laptop,

And my name is Katie, and I want a lollipop
I'm Giovanna and I want a new coat,
And my name's Sophia and I would like a boat
My name is Alex, and I want a Barbie doll,
My name is Jonah, and I want something small,
My name is Tyler, and I don't really care,
And my name is Morgan and I want something for my hair
My name is Elise and I want an XBox 1
And my name is Will, and I want a new Nerf gun,
I'm Dom, and I want a new Bugatti car,
I am Owen and I want to be a BBall star
I'm Chris and I want a dog that runs real far
I'm Alex and I want a new guitar,
My name is Connor and I want some video games,
I'm Katelyn and I want a quad and I am not ashamed
Happy happy holidays from St. Thomas school,
We're  on WGNA and that is really cool

So there you have it. Great writing job, guys!   I hope all your wishes come true (except for the one who said he didn't care.....just kidding!).  Happy holidays from all at 'GNA


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