Sparklers have been a tradition, especially around the Fourth Of July, but now some local firefighters have requested a ban on sparklers, for safety reasons.

Many years ago, it used to be legal to sell and possess fireworks almost everywhere. When I was doing a little research, I found an article from the stating that almost all fireworks been banned in New York State since 1940. The only people that are allowed to do anything with fireworks are licensed professionals. They also need a permit to put on any fireworks displays.

Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

There was a public hearing that was held by the Saratoga County Board Of Supervisors, about the firefighters’ request for the sparkler ban.

According to a story from CBS 6 Albany, some people, including fireworks distributors, claim that sparklers are hand held devices which are safe. Firefighters want all fireworks to be handled only by professional.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a link with a story about fireworks in general, which includes what states have fireworks bans. Please take our poll.