For a while, it seemed like we were hearing about various scams that were happening to people in the Albany area and surrounding communities, almost every week.

Bro. Lou Roberts

It’s been a while since it's happened, but it’s starting again.

Similar to a phone scam that happened to some Albany residents back in January, there’s one that’s contacted some residents in Greene County. The scammer calls the person and tells them that they are from the Internal Revenue Service. Then the caller threatens the person by telling them that owe money, and unless they pay a specific amount of money, they are going to be arrested. Several people have contacted the police about the phone calls.

According to the story from Newschannel 13, if anyone in Greene County thinks that they have had one of the scam calls, they should call the Greene County Sheriff’s Office at 518-943-3300 and let them know.

As always, never pass along any personal information on the phone. The Internal Revenue Service has information about phone scams on their website. In most cases, The I.R.S. will contact people by mail, not by phone.

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