It seems every time we turn around there is a new group of scammers that are calling and trying to get money and personal information. The latest one is claiming to collect donations for police that are affected by the defund the police movement. Here's what to watch out for. There have been so many scams circulating from stimulus checks to the grandparent scams trying to gain personal information and try to get money. Now the latest is a warning from the sheriff's office letting residents know that a new phone scam is trying to get access to money claiming that they are helping those police officers that may be defunded.

According to News 10 ABC, the scammers use a phone number that is similar to the sheriff's number. They get you to answer and then ask for money and donations to "help their officers due to the defunding of our police". This is coming from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. There have been many reports of scams coming from different phone numbers. The Bethlehem Police department has gotten similar reports of scams asking for donations.

You are reminded to not give out any personal information or make any donations over the phone. You should always contact law enforcement if you get calls like these. Lately it seems as if we are all getting inundated with spam calls. It is so important to remember that these scammers are skilled in what they do. Try to resist the urge to engage with them and fall for their tactics. Always contact your local police if you receive a call like this.

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