I keep seeing these pictures on Face Book with the caption saying something like “Who remembers what this is for?” There are two pictures that caught my eye. One is a 45 adaptor. It’s the little round yellow thing that you would put in the middle of a 45 rpm record so you could play it on your record player or turntable. The little spindle that held the record was too small because it was for a record album.

The other picture that stood out has a cassette tape cartridge with a pencil. Sometimes the tape would start coming out of it’s plastic casing and you’d have to put the pencil through the little ‘wheel’ and tighten up the tape. For our younger people, ask your mom and dad. I’ll bet they can tell you all about it.

Well, between the Face Book inspiration, a story that I did about eight track tape day a few weeks ago, and record players for cars, I thought I would share with you some photos of some of those pieces of old ‘technology’ that I still actually have. Richie Phillips will appreciate this. This also includes using the 45 rpm spindle and pencil in the cassette technique. There are also a few other classic goodies in the pictures. Let’s see who remembers the stuff from the good old days.

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