Once again, I experienced a 24-hour period where I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  It happened right after I visited Slingerlands Elementary School. These kids love to read and SING - what a perfect fit for the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour.

This Friday, March 2nd is "National Read Across America Day". These second graders were very excited about it. They told me how much they love to read all kinds of books- picture books, non fiction books, comic books- all kinds of books. That's great, but how do you fit that into a song? Well, they did it. I'll say that again - THEY did it!  Mrs. Backer and music teacher, Mrs. Platek can attest to that. Don't get me wrong, they helped a lot. Mrs. Platek wrote out the words on the board for us and helped direct the crowd. Mrs. Bacher prepped the group beforehand really thoroughly, helped me record the kids, and both of them helped smooth out the lyrics to fit the song. But the ideas honestly all came from the kids, including the idea for the parody.

They chose Taylor Swift's "You Belong To Me" which they cleverly changed to "You Should                         d  Read With Me" . Here's the song with a few pictures to follow, taken by another staff member that I owe a big thank you to, Dana Burns.

mp3 version (right click to download and save)

Lyrics and photos below

You Should Read with Me

To the tune of “You Belong With Me” , by Taylor Swift

Friday is Read Across America Day

It gives your brain a little chance to play

We hope you read a lot like we do.


We’re the second graders from Slingerlands School

We read in class, in bed, and at the pool.

We read when we’re happy, or if we’re blue.


She reads chapter books

He reads picture books

I read comic books then nonfiction books.

Fantasies, Adventures of all kinds

Reading really sharpens up our minds.


If you read then you can make a new discovery

Have some fun and try a new series.

READ!  You should all read.

You should read with me.


Reading puts a smile on our faces

Read about new things and new places.

READ!  You should all read.

You should read with me.



rrr slingerlands elementary
rrr slingerlands elementary 3
rrr Slingerlands Elementary
photo by Dana Burns
Slingerlands WGNA poster

What a fantastic group.  Very creative, and great singers as well.  They wrote this entire song in 45 minutes.  Special thanks  to Mrs. Bacher as well as Principal , Mrs. Bonacquist for having me in, and to Hannaford Supermarkets for continuing to sponsor this program.   Keep reading, everyone!

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