I'm leaving for vacation, but I'm doing it with a smile on my face.  I can thank the incredible teachers and kids at Slingerlands Elementary for that.  Take a listen to this great parody of "Call Me Maybe".  

I have been to Mrs. Bacher's class before.  Her group was great then, and certainly didn't disappoint this time either.  You could see the wheels turning as soon as we began.  They were whipping off ideas right and left - a very creative and cooperative bunch.

Another great asset was having Ana Knoblock there, a student teacher from the College Of St. Rose.  She was a big help as well, and made the job alot easier for me to handle this rather large but incredibly well behaved group.

rrr slingerlands elementary
photo by Richie Phillips - note the cool handmade sign in the background

OK.  Enough of that.  You want to hear the song, right?  Well here it is with the kids' very own introduction.  These folks are really into health and nutrition and want to spread the word musically.

NOTE -please "like" the song and make comments at the end of this article.  (You all know about the secret contest, right?  It's all courtesy of Hannaford Supermarkets, our fine sponsor

mp3 version (right click on this and save on your computer)


rrr slingerlands call me healthy lyrics
lyrics (c) 2013 Richie Phillips and Slingerlands Elementary All Rights Reserved


rrr richie sign slingerlands
Photo by Richie Phillips

Great sign - thanks kids, and thanks again to Mrs. Bacher for having me in.   Call me HAPPY!

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