Wealthiest Zip Codes in the Capital Region
I'm looking to buy a house right now so aside from taxes, I've been looking at areas that make the most sense to settle down. I obviously want a house in a great neighborhood where I can make money on the house after some time. I was incredibly fascinated with this list of the wealthiest z…
Slingerlands Toll Gate to Give Out Free Ice Cream Saturday
It first opened in 1949 and over the last couple of weeks has had its doors closed in Slingerlands while its owner has fallen ill. While that news is never good news, what we do know is that I will be reopening, even if it's just for this weekend to give us free ice cream!
$10,000 Gorilla Statue Stolen in Slingerlands: FOUND
A life-sized, bronze statue of a gorilla that weighs an estimated 600 lbs. was missing from a garden in Slingerlands. You might be thinking, what was it doing there in the first place?! Well, owner Judith Bovitz purchased it to recognize the endangered mountain gorillas in Rowanda about 12 years ago…