It is a familiar location, with a new name and twist.

The restaurant formerly known as Ross's Ice Cream and Burger Stand on New Scotland Road in Slingerlands has reopened as Andrew's Burger Shed, according to a Times Union report.  The new burger spot is owned by Dave Swift, who also runs Swifty's in Slingerlands and Albany, told the Times Union he took on the new venture becuase of "...this summer’s coronavirus-related emphasis on socially distant, preferably outdoor, dining."

Andrew's does not have a website up and running yet, but you can check out their menu on their Facebook page.  They have a whole bunch of specialty burgers and they will be serving some ice cream as well.

I think the interesting thing about Andrew's is the fact that the owner used the pandemic as an opportunity this summer to do business at this location. Other businesses must be searching for ways to do the same as our new normal will certainly hurt financially. But where there is change, there is usually opportunity and it is neat to see so many of our great local business owners making it work in the new normal as the Capital Region continues to get back to business.

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