I'm looking to buy a house right now so aside from taxes, I've been looking at areas that make the most sense to settle down. I obviously want a house in a great neighborhood where I can make money on the house after some time. I was incredibly fascinated with this list of the wealthiest zip codes in the Capital Region.

According to Albany Business Review, in a study done by ESRI and independently researched locally by Todd Kehoe, the top wealthiest zip code is 1211 (Albany, Loudonville). This decision is based on, among other things, the average net worth, the median household income & median disposable income.

It's an incredibly fascinating list, that unfortunately to see the full list you have to pay $50. The second on the list is 12309 (Schenectady, Niskayuna), followed by 12148 (Rexford), 12054 (Delmar), and in fifth place 12159 (Slingerlands).

More than anything I was surprised to see my own zip code as number two. I love my neighborhood but I didn't realize that in terms of wealth, we were number two in the area. I think that takes into account the higher income houses near Central Park, the beautiful GE Plots, as well as partially including Niskayuna. Good to know, though, guess I'm looking to live in the right area, huh?

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