It first opened in 1949 and over the last couple of weeks has had its doors closed in Slingerlands while its owner has fallen ill. While that news is never good news, what we do know is that I will be reopening, even if it's just for this weekend to give us free ice cream!

Coming up on Saturday, the doors of Toll Gate Ice Cream Shop will open and welcome in one and all to give away free ice cream from Noon to 4pm. It's their way of thanking the community for so many years of amazing business. Of course, if you want that taste to bring home, half gallons will also be available to purchase a sweet treat!

Will the doors stay open for good? That decision is yet to be made. But in the meantime, you can show your love for the shop this weekend and also for the owner with a GoFundMe that has been set up for their medical bills.

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