If you or someone you know is intrigued by the notion of connecting with someone 'on the other side' but is super-skeptical that Intuitive Medium Deborah actually talks to dead people, we want to hear from you.  Who would you want to connect with 'on the other side'? Maybe it's a deceased loved one, a relative, a friend. Maybe there's something happening in your world that just doesn't make sense and you need a little intuitive guidance from an expert to help connect the dots.  Here's your chance to get a free reading from Intuitive Medium Deborah, aka The Great One, and we're looking for the skeptics this time around!

Over the years, psychic medium Deborah Hanlon has been 'wowing' listeners and people at her galleries with incredible accuracy, detailed clairvoyance and spot on readings.  Intuitive Medium Deborah has been a fan favorite of Brian and Chrissy listeners for almost 10 years, and she's agreed to do a handful of free readings next week for listeners (preferably skeptics) as she get's ready for another exciting LIVE event at Cohoes Music Hall on November 6th.

Simply email Brian and Chrissy (mornings@wgna.com)  Be sure to include:

  • Your Name
  • Age
  • Where you're from
  • Who you'd like to connect with.  No need to say their name, just the relationship you had with them.
  • Briefly tell us 'why' you'd like to connect with this person. 
  • On a scale of 1 to "This Is Total BS"  tell us how much of a skeptic you are! 

*Be sure to include a few different phone #'s where you can be reached in the morning or early afternoon on Tuesday, October 29th*

*The readings will be recorded by Brian and Chrissy after shorty 10am on Tuesday October 29th.  By entering, you are granting GNA permission to use your name, story and likeness on the air at 107.7 WGNA.

Brian and Chrissy will randomly select a few GNA listeners to participate in this exclusive opportunity to speak to one of the very best in the biz!

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