Have you ever gone to work the day after the Super Bowl and thought to yourself... really?? I mean it's already a Monday, but it's so much worse because you ate every last bite of buffalo chicken dip and you drank literally all the beer and you stayed up way too late waiting for a wardrobe malfunction.

Well, maybe you should apply for a job at Heinz...

As heard this morning on The Sean and Bethany Show:

Heinz has decided not to run a Super Bowl ad this year and instead they're giving every single one of their employees a paid day off on the Monday after the game.

They're making the day after the Super Bowl a holiday!

According to Bloomberg, they're also going to lead a petition to Congress to try to get the Monday after the Super Bowl turned into a national holiday.

I mean, it's probably all a huge marketing stunt, but you never know... it might just be a marketing stunt that gets me and you a nice big fat day off!

So, what do you think? Should the day after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?


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