You asked for it and now Heinz has answered the call. They are introducing a new condiment that will be coming soon to a store near you. I say no way to this new condiment. I didn't want it when Heinz put out a survey asking consumers if they would like a ketchup and mayonnaise mixture. But I guess enough people longed for "mayochup" so now it's a real thing and happening.

According to WKBW, there is a way your city could be the first ones to experience the new sauce. Through today (Tuesday September 18th), twitter voters can vote for a city that they want the Mayochup to appear in first. Just use the #mayochup (your city). The city that gets the most votes gets the new condiment first.

Mayochup combines mayonnaise, ketchup and a blend of spices. It will be available in a 16.5 ounce squeeze bottle. I say no thanks but I guess there is a demand for it.

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