Have you heard the story?  Is this justified or political correctness gone wild?  A girl gets bounced out from a summer camp for smooching?  How do you feel about this? 

It was a co-ed sleep away camp in Hinsdale, Massachussetts.  A girl identified as Jane, 15, supposedly were holding hands during alot of activities at the camp, according to the NY Daily News.

"Summer Camp" Competition With NBC's "Today" Team
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Then it supposedly got totally out of control.  The boy, whom we will call "Dick", according to the lawsuit ended up kissing her during an activity at the camp that they call "court time".  No, it's not for tennis.  It's for boy and girl campers to spend time with each other!

After they kissed, according to the story, the counselors high-fived the kid, but the owner of the camp wasn't high-five-ing anyone.     She started allegedly yelling and screaming at the kids and the girl was escorted out the next day by a uniformed cop.

Ok, time for you to weigh in.  These are the facts as I have them.  Take the poll



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