I hear about kids this time of year going to summer camp and I'm so jealous! I want to have the summers off from work to go play outside with my friends and I just found a summer camp where I can!

All I had to see on Thrillist was the headline "Club Getaway Adult Summer Camp" and I needed to know more about it. It's only a few hours from us in Kent, Connecticut and it's open for long weekends to just take a break from everyday life and have fun. They offer "archery, zip lining, kayaking, basketball, rock climbing, tennis, fitness classes, volleyball, waterskiing, and lounging about on a bunch of bouncy inflatables."

Sounds like summer camp, right? Except this summer camp also offers "nightly happy hours, organized drinking games, and raucous dance parties after dark." That sounds even better than camps I went to as a kid.

I guess there are some rooms left in their air conditioned cabins with delicious meals for $500. That's actually not bad for a whole weekend of adult kid-like fun, right?

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