Vaping has been in the news a lot lately. Some of it is banned, some of it isn't, but it's all in reaction to kids. One local high school is taking all of that a step further.

Niskayuna High School has recently installed vaping detectors to stop their students from smoking them inside of the building, according to News Channel13.

Niskayuna High School has installed these detectors in the school bathrooms so that students can't sneak in there and try to smoke them since they're not allowed on the grounds. If a student was to smoke in the bathroom and set off the alarm, "an email alert is sent to the main office, allowing school officials to respond to the restroom and confront the people inside."

What many in Niskayuna are happy to know, this isn't costing taxpayers anything extra. They received a grant from the Niskayuna Community Action Program. Next, they're hoping to instill the detectors in the Elementary and Middle schools as well.

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