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Clifton Park Will Have Full Day Summer Camp
We are slowly edging back to a bit of normalcy and there is no better proof than the announcement of summer camps reopening. Clifton Park declared that full-day camp and half-day camp will be back for the summer of 2021. There will be safety protocols in place for both staff and campers.
Star-Studded Virtual Summer Camp Starts Today
Things are much different this summer for our kids. A lot of places have canceled their summer camps and activities that keep our kids busy and active. Now there is a superstore that is doing a virtual summer camp with celebrity guests as the counselors.
Nearby Adult Summer Camp is My Vacation Dream
I hear about kids this time of year going to summer camp and I'm so jealous! I want to have the summers off from work to go play outside with my friends and I just found a summer camp where I can!
Kissed Out?
Have you heard the story?  Is this justified or political correctness gone wild?  A girl gets bounced out from a summer camp for smooching?  How do you feel about this?

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