New Law Hopes To Make Pods Safer
There is a new law being introduced that would help make laundry pods safer for children. Although it won't keep teenagers from doing the "Tide Pod Challenge", it may deter them from trying.
If You Saw It Happen, What Would You Do?
I am a huge fan of the ABC show "What Would You Do?". What I didn't realize is that yesterday I would be caught up in a real life scenario. At first I thought I would keep my mouth shut, but then I noticed my six year old was watching and all bets were off.
Kissed Out?
Have you heard the story?  Is this justified or political correctness gone wild?  A girl gets bounced out from a summer camp for smooching?  How do you feel about this?
Typical Teenager Or Behavior Problem? – Daily Dilemma
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
My friend has a 13 year old boy that is down right terrible to her. He is so rude, disrespectful, ignores what she says even if she asks him a simple question as "What would you like for lunch". He gets even more mad when she won't buy him wh…
Human Dolls! A New Trend With Young Women
I usually like to have some sort of witty take on the things I write about but this time I got nothin'. There is a very strange new trend going on that I can only hope will not catch on worldwide. Young women using make up, clothes, a blank stare and yes, sometimes lots of plastic surgery to lo…

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