This year I've had the privilege of working with school kids and writing anti-bullying songs. After what we're seeing this year, I think I may need to write one song a day!   You'll never believe this video.  Ir sickens me to post it, but it needs to be shown.

The girl is autistic.  She's sitting there, apparently minding her own business.  I don't know too much more, but here is what happened via YouTube.  I warn you in advance.  Maybe the kids don't need to see this (and then again, maybe they do - that's up to you of course)

How in God's name can someone do this to another person, no matter what the age?  Will you tell me please, because I just don't get it.

All I can say is that now more than ever we need to band together and start a national movement.  Maybe an "Occupy School Bus and Bus Stop" movement.  I joke but I really mean it.

One organization that has a lot of anti bullying information is the Academy For Character Education at The Sage Colleges.  Their website is great and is full of helpful resources.  Talk to your kids.  Find out what your school is doing to spread the message.  We have to stop this somehow, don't you think?  Any ideas?