It’s just a typical mom and pop corner convenience store, and on Sunday morning, LePage’s Market in Cohoes was struck by a burglar.

Cigarettes (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Someone broke into the store on North Mohawk Street, but the burglar didn’t try to take money from the register. He only stole cigarettes. It wasn’t just grabbing as many cartons or packs of cigarettes as he could, he stole certain brands of smokes, and pushed the others aside. He stole Newports and Marlboros in less than a minute, which actually were worth thousands of dollars.

Cohoes Police took the surveillance video from the business’s sophisticated security system. They saw that the suspect, who was wearing some sort of a mask, had a bag and a hammer. As he was attempting to pry the window out, part of it snapped and the window broke. That’s when he jumped into the market and took the cigarettes. There have been three other break-ins that Cohoes Police think that this suspect was involved in, including one that happened in April at the Price Chopper on Congress Street.

Besides the cost of the stolen cigarettes, LePage’s has to repair the damage from the burglary, which is going to cost them another $1,000 dollars. According to the story from Newschannel 13, Cohoes Police are asking for the public’s help. There’s a tip line you can call - 518-233-2161, or give Detective Jason Johnson a call at 518-233-2146.

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