This was a tremendous labor of love by all involved.  It's still a work in progress, but we wanted to get this up on the web to hear what we have so far.  Here's the ALMOST finished collaborative production between two classes who have never met each other - a true experiment in the use of modern technology

Here's the song right up front if you have no time for the explanation (but all of that plus lyrics follow)

I present the Poestenkill Elementary School 5th graders in Poestenkill NY


photo by Richie Phillips



And now  the 5th graders from Richard Stockton Elementary in Cherry Hill, NJ

Photo from Richard Stockton school

These two talented groups joined together through the magic of technology to create a song for Hurricane Sandy relief.  Each group wrote two verses on their own and then through the use of all the toys I had to work with at 'GNA, I matched them as if they were singing together .

As hard as we tried, some of the audio is still a little bit unintelligible. We are planning to do a little re-recording after next week  But here's what we have so far (with lyrics to follow)  and after that, I have lots of folks to thank.

                Wind and Water Lyrics 

         ©2012 Richie Phillips Poestenkill Elementary and Richard Stockton  Elementary    

           All rights reserved

Wind and water, water and wind

When they're together trouble begins

We thought Sandy would do us in,

But we're much stronger than water and wind

Tragedy flooding give what you can.

Thought this disaster would never ever end

Watch the construction start to begin

To fix the destruction from water and wind

Oceans and rivers,beaches and land

All are covered in water and sand

We need help as fast as you can

To restore the landscape from water and wind

Character is the best place to start

Use your brain as well as your heart

Help your neighbors near and far

To help heal our scars from water and wind

We're New Yorkers from Poestenkill

We're Jerseyites from Cherry Hill

Working together, give what you can

Help repair the damage from water and wind.


Phil Fusco and The Academy For Character Education from the Sage Colleges (for telling me about Stockton school in the first place)

The phenomenal Jennifer Woodin and teacher Lisa Jeschke from Poestenkill Elementary

The incomparable music teacher  Laura Harmon and principal Eloisa Woodruff from Richard Stockton for coordinating all of this on such short notice 

Hannaford Supermarkets for their continued and dedicated sponsorship of Reading, Writing and Rhyming

1077 'GNA and Townsquare Media for getting this song out to you!