Yesterday, Saratoga native Patrick Pipino wrote a note to his daughter's school asking them to forgive her for being a little late. While we have all written an excuse note or two for our kids Patrick's was a little different and perhaps a bit more honest.

Patrick wrote that the reason his daughter was late for school is because Springteen went a little longer than usual the night before at the Times Union Center. The Boss went over three and a half hours as a matter of fact and what good father would pull his kids away from that kind of experience? That's the way Patrick and many more of us feel about a great life experience, especially those shared as a family.

The note which he posted on his Facebook account because he thought his friends would get a kick out of it, quickly went viral and soon Patrick and his daughters were being talked about on major media outlets all over the country.

Patrick came on our show today to talk about the hysteria and how it all started as just what he thought was a stab at humor and as it turns out we too, found Patrick to be a pretty funny guy, I'm sure you will enjoy his interview as well.

Check it out:

Patrick Pipino, Facebook Page