"To the person who left this on my car at the Glenville Target this afternoon, thank you. You made my day!"

When Kim in Scotia found out 4 years ago that her then 23-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage 2 Cholangiocarcinoma, also known as bile duct cancer, her world crashed.

Her otherwise healthy 23-year-old daughter had been given a grim diagnosis due to a  rare form of cancer that is very aggressive, and the outlook for people with Cholangiocarcinoma is usually poor.

According to medical sources, the five-year survival rate for bile duct cancer that hasn't spread outside of the bile ducts is 10% to 15% - at best, this was going to be a lengthy battle.

But in September, came the kind of news that nobody expected.

For the last 4 years, Kim's daughter (who asked that her name not be revealed in this article) fought like hell against this dreaded form of cancer, while keeping all of her treatment options open.

While seeking some additional advice from an Oncologist out of state, a doctor took a look at what was happening inside her body and was immediately perplexed.

Gone was cancer inside Kim's daughter's body,  a complete turn of events that she was beyond words trying to explain.

It was a miracle.

The day that Kim learned of her daughter's incredible "new" prognosis, she grabbed the first thing she could find to write with - red lipstick - and wrote,  "MY DAUGHTER IS CANCER FREE!" on the back of her Honda.

Photo: Kimberley Heintz-Bongermino Facebook
Photo: Kimberley Heintz-Bongermino Facebook

I learned this after recently seeing a Facebook post by Kim, shared with a community group about the note below that was left on her vehicle while parked outside of a Target in Glenville.

Photo: Kimberley Heintz-Bongermino
Photo: Kimberley Heintz-Bongermino

Kim wasn't necessarily looking to connect with the kind person who left behind the note and the cute llama, a symbol of perseverance and strength.  Instead, she just wanted to spread some positivity throughout her community, with the possibility that the person who left it behind, might come forward.

But there's one more part to the story, that the person who left the note behind would have no idea about.

Kim told us that a day after the note appeared on her car, some even better news came her daughter's way when further testing determined that she passed the 6-month threshold, and her cancer hadn't returned, giving them even more reason to celebrate this incredible news.

There's no way of knowing if the person who left the note will ever see this, or truly understand what this small act of kindness did for a stranger in their community - or maybe they do.

You made Kim and her daughter's day.

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