Fast-Acting Police Save Two Kids From Drowning

Thanks to some fast-acting police officers in West Haven, Connecticut, a New York man was arrested, and two of his kids are lucky to be alive.  According to reports, police say the man they arrested was "deliberately" trying to drown his own two children in the middle of the night, early Saturday morning.

The incident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday in West Haven, Connecticut, about two and a half hours southeast of Albany.

That's when, according to reports by the West Haven Police Department, an officer on patrol saw a Nissan SUV parked on the beach.

Dawson Ave Beach, in West Haven, CT, where a New York man was arrested for allegedly trying to drown his kids. Photo: Google Maps
Dawson Ave Beach, in West Haven, CT, where a New York man was arrested for allegedly trying to drown his kids. Photo: Google Maps

The Father Yelled at the Officers to "Stay Back!"

According to the West Haven Police, "as the officer approached, he heard significant screaming coming from the water. As he continued towards this commotion, it was apparent that an adult male and two small children were in the water. As the officer entered the water, the adult male continued to drift further away with the children, screaming at the responding officers to “stay back.”

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Photo: Google Maps

Deliberately Trying to Drown His Kids

Officers were nearly 100 yards away from shore when they entered the water. Thankfully, the initial arriving officer "gained possession of both children and backup officers assisted him in bringing the children to shore."

The man arrested was 41-year-old Romney Desronvil from Queens, New York.

Police say that life-saving measures were provided to both children, and they were immediately transported in an ambulance to a local hospital, where both children remain in the hospital's ICU.

At this time Romney Desronvil of Queens, New York is in West Haven Police Custody and charges for this heinous act are pending. - West Haven Police Department


Charges for this Heinous Act are Pending

According to reports, Romney Desronvil of Queens, New York, is in West Haven Police Custody, and charges for this "heinous act are pending."

The West Haven Police thanked local first responders, the West Shore Fire Department, and the New Haven Police Department, which allowed for immediate medical aid and alleviated Desronvil's apprehension.

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