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Christmas Angel Spotted in Glenmont Walmart
One of my favorite things during the holiday season are the amazing stories of good samaritans and this year is no different. Apparently, there's an angel frequenting the Glenmont Walmart.
Dog Saves Newborn Baby! The Good News
Every morning at 8:10, 'The Sean and Richie Show" does a feature called "The Good News." Let's face it, the world is full of bad news and catastrophes and the media is falling all over itself to bring it to you. Really, just watching the news every night could lead you to depression. …
Helping a Single Dad
Sometimes I have to be honest, I think what in the world has happened to society. The news is full of horrible stories about horrible people doing horrible things. That's why I just love a story about someone who cares about others and goes out of their way to help another person out. We had an…
Walked 10 Miles - Got The Job
I love a good news story and this is really a great one. Sometimes I like other people, openly complain about a lack of desire and work ethic that many young people have these days, not so with this kid.

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