We return now to Schenectady County as I attempt to make Scotia rhyme with something.  I'm still racking my brain on that one.  But heck, I love a good challenge, and that's what Your Town Thursday is all about!


village of scotia

So come on Scotians (?)  That sounds weird.  Sounds like you're martians or something.  Maybe you call yourselves Scotia-ites? Scotianoids? Whatever you call yourselves, send me some information about your wonderful town, and I, as a public service (and for no charge) will create a theme song that will air hopefully this Thursday on the Sean and Richie Show. If you'd like to hear some of the other ones, you can type "Your Town Thursday" in the search area of our website. Or click on these towns for a sample: TroyWatervliet,  Cooperstown, GraftonRotterdam, Coxsackie.


Come on,  send the information in, and Let the rhymin' begin!  You can put it in the comment bar below, go to the Sean and Richie Facebook page directly, or you can always email me at Richie@wgna.com.