Many of you have asked us to the post Brian and Chrissy's GNA exclusive "Disinfect You w My Skin Soap" parody we made to Sam Hunt's smash "Kinfolks". Due to certain restrictions, we are unable to post it online but we will be playing the song frequently during the morning show all week.  Here's a tentative schedule of when it will air on Monday morning and we'll make sure to send out some future app alerts so that you won't miss it when it airs exclusively on 107.7 WGNA. Just so you know, we have been noticing that people have been recording it off of the radio and sharing it with your friends which is so delightfully 1990's and my heart melts when I hear about this.

Monday March 16th it will air at 6:10AM, 7:25AM, and 8:10AM on WGNA 

Sam Hunt "Disinfect You w My Skin Soap" lyrics :
I thought I heard you sneeze inside the Walmart in Cohoes 
I didn't wanna pry...but girl I gotta know
What is your name?
How come I ain't seen that mask before?
Now I don't wanna get too close to your face that's true
But I wanna bump elbows with a girl like you (you're something else) and I know we just met...but 
I wanna disinfect you with my skin soap...its a deep cleanse....we can sing for 30 seconds washing our hands
Sanitize your phone down, wipe it all up, And I got a ton of Charmin -Ultra Soft for your butt
And if I sneeze or cough I'll cover all of my holes up...and I'm thinking that I wanna disinfect you with my skin soap
I wanna disinfect you with my skin's a deep cleanse...Baby wear these rubber gloves so we can hold holds
Sanitize our home now, clean it all up,  girl I got a bunch of Lysol so that we can scrub up...
And if we kiss we should probably keep our masks up...and I'm thinking that I wanna disinfect you with my skin soap 
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