Many people in the Capital Region enjoyed Saratoga County over the weekend to take in some historic racing or perhaps even the KISS concert at SPAC.  But an Amsterdam creeper wasn't into any of that, instead he was arrested on Saturday for unlawfully filming a person in a Saratoga County mall bathroom on Saturday.

Details are somewhat limited at this time, but according to the Times Union what we do know is that 24-year-old Dominick Monge from Amsterdam was arrested by Saratoga County Sheriff's.  Monge is charged with a felony for illegally filming another person inside of the Wilton Mall bathroom.

It is unclear at this time whether Monge was present and in the bathroom when the filming occurred or if he left his camera behind and the victim noticed it.

According to the Saratoga County Sheriff's report, police responded to the 'unlawful surveillance complaint' at 2:41 PM on Saturday.  Monge was charged, according to the County Sheriff's, with the 2nd degree, class E felony.




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