Capital Region Sky Will be Full of Shooting Stars Tonight
The Perseid Meteor Shower began on July 25th but its peak will be tonight. Summer weather makes it a nice night to look up at the Capital Region sky and see tons of shooting stars. I say you grab a blanket and your sweetheart, find a cozy place on the grass away from city lights and watch the show. …
Perfect Capital Region Night to See Pink Moon
It's supermoon time again tonight. This will be one of only two supermoons this year. It is called the pink moon but it isn't because of the color of the moon, it's because of the flowers that bloom this time of year.
Sugarland’s Sexy New Video “Tonight” [VIDEO]
You may have heard the new single from Sugarland on WGNA recently. It's called "Tonight" from their latest release "The Incredible Machine". It's a very sexy song and with a song like that you need a sexy video. Jennifer Nettles is one of the most beauti…