Let me sum up my experience at Saddlewood Elementary School - THIS CLASS WAS AWESOME, and if you were there you wouldn't disagree -which is the subject of our song, coincidentally! 

Mrs. Kalsher's 3rd graders were ready to write as soon as I walked into the room.    They even had brainstormed some ideas!

Saddlewood brainstorming RRR
photo by Richie Phillips

It's hard to agree on one subject to concentrate on when you have that many ideas floating around, and sometimes you have to agree to disagree!  Wait!- let's do a song about THAT - cooperating,  even though you might not all be "on board" with someone else's opinion. Great subject!  Here's the YouTube video we made (with the help of Mrs. Hulett)

Here is the audio only with a few more music tracks added


The clever lyrics -(thanks for the writing help, Mrs. Kalsher! )

Saddlewood Elementary lyrics
Saddlewood elementary rrr class
Photo by Tara Coons Hulett
Saddlewood elementary rrr class
photo by Tara Hulett


What a class!  What a great teacher!  I had a blast.  Thanks to all.  OK - time to roll the credits!

Saddlewood Elementary Class List rrr

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